Atlantic Puffin by PhotoJoe Campbell on Flickr.

I can’t get enough of these vast, imaginary, scientific landscape illustrations in my textbook. This one shows how the open ocean is represented by water that is offshore and away from coral reefs. This biome can be broken up into several zones. The photic zone contains sufficient light for photosynthesis by algae, while water in the aphotic zone is so deep that sunlight cannot penetrate.

I just realised a lot of what I do is only because of what other people think of me. No more. 

Not feeling Mariah’s new album, and I REALLY love Mariah. 

Just came back from the eeriest place I’ve ever been. An abandoned Russian mining town 79° North. Will post pictures later! 

Sometimes I feel my life experiences would be more useful if I was aspiring to be a best-selling author.  

Guys, I saw a polar bear. 



Fact# 5414: Dying is illegal in Longyearbyen, Norway because the town’s small graveyard stopped accepting bodies after discovering the permafrost prevented the bodies from decomposing.

Good news guys it’s illegal for me to die out here.